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We are commited to finding solutions to access issues faced by persons with "varied abilities". We design, build, recommend and aquire various accessibility solutions, including ramps and path systems.

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Introducing Beach Access Mat: affordable, comfortable and durable.

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Who Are We? is a Canadian company whose goal is to solve access issues in communities. PATHS stands for Providing Access Through Hard Situations and is committed to creating accessibility awareness and improving access everywhere.



We provide environmentally friendly, maintenance-free solutions to access issues that people of all ages and abilities face. We believe that access should be universal, and that is the premise of our design approach and product recommendation.


Consistency was started over 20 years ago and the mandate remains the same: We believe that we can make a difference to create more universal access as well as to encourage others to provide the access. We see everyone as “persons with VARIED abilities”.


Custom Solutions

Can’t find a solution to meet your needs? Ask us to design a custom product! We would be happy to discuss designing a custom solution for you. We have created prototypes and products in the past where existing ones fell short.


Funding tries to find groups/companies and persons interested in financing accessible solutions or financing a part of solution and connects them to those who need access. Looking for funding or looking to contribute to create access for those who are in need? You came to the right place.


left before Parapan Am Games for people with Varied Abilities start in Toronto. August 7-15, 2015



We arranged for the financing and provision of 1,700 ft of beach access for a sand castle competition for 10,000 people and a team from the BC Paraplegic Association in Vancouver.

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What our clients say

  • Spirit of Vancouver, For years I enjoyed the fireworks and was gladdened to hear that they will continue thanks to "you". I would like to bring your attention to a concern of mine and others', that of wheelchair accessibility. In previous years the accessibility to the sand provided by du Maurier was inadequate. It is a civil right that is much overlooked and limits the experience of many. May I suggest that the sponsors of the Spirit of Vancouver consider sponsoring the installment of the p.a.t.h.s. system, invented by a local Vancouver architect, and proven to work. The website is, and I encourage you to explore this opportunity as a means of wheelchair, stroller, walker, etc. access. Please contact me via e-mail or telephone. Thank you
    Sharon Hill
  • “A West Side man turned the beach into a level playing field at this year's Arts Umbrella Sand Castle Competition...Architect, Inventor and Artist Keith David Benjamin...B.C. Paraplegic Association regional consultant Robert Willey, who uses a wheelchair, says Benjamin's makeshift pathway enabled him to participate in the competition. "It's the first time we got down to the beach. It worked very kept your wheelcair tires from sinking in the sand. " Willey agrees that Benjamin's idea would be a blanket solution. "Even mothers with baby strollers would be delighted. We found that once we laid the track down people started using it as a sidewalk. We'd turn around and there'd be a line of people waiting to get on the site. It was remarkable.”
    From the Vancouver Courier article by Kerry Gold
  • “My name is Wendy Rasmussen and I have had multiple sclerosis for 20 years. In the last eight years my mobility has become increasingly impaired and I now use a 3-wheel electric scooter to get around...My husband and I were in need of a spring getaway...but I was apprehensive about seeing the beach and being unable to reach it. That was when I remembered reading an article about PATHS (a beach access system developed by Keith David Benjamin) and I got in touch with him. He was kind enough to lend us a roll of this path system and anchor pins to take with us.
    The PATHS system worked. It was a liberating experience: to be back on the beach after so many years. I was enjoying the pleasures on the beach that I thought I would have to give up forever. Keith, thanks so much for developing your simple low-tech solution to allow me the chance to enjoy the shoreline again!”
    Wendy RasmussenBritish Columbia
  • ...The path system was particularly useful on the Tuesday of tournament week. Dennis Walters, a paraplegic golfer who tours North America, charmed a crowd of several thousand with his trick shot making ability. Without the path system those persons in wheelchairs who had come out particularly to see him would not have had access to the area. We have used Mr. Benjamin's path system at the Greater Vancouver Open for the past two years and look forward to using it in the future.
    Tim Kelley, Executive DirectorGreater Vancouver Open

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