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We design, build, recommend and acquire various accessibility solutions, including ramps and path systems

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Soft Access Systems

If you walk on wheels, the beach may not be fully accessible to you.
A soft access system like a path mat is great for use on sand, gravel, grass and snow. It is lightweight, environmentally-friendly and durable and can get you to the waterfront.
We have developed criteria for selecting the best soft access systems, which evalutate product quality and value. We apply these to our selection of an accessibility solution.


Ramps are essential for threshold access where there may only be a two inch step but still a considerable barrier to full access. Ramps can be purchased at quarter-inch height intervals or custom built to fit height, width and depth while meeting requirements for the proper slope.

Rentals will rent accessibility solutions including soft access systems and ramps to provide temporary access.
Rentals are a great way to take access with you on a holiday or for temporary access for outdoor events in parks.

We arrange public and private demonstrations of products so you can choose the best product for your needs.

We solve specific problems if existing solutions do not meet your needs.